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The interesting historical sites to visit in Martha, in addition to the Clock Tower ("Torre dell'Orologio"), are: the Renaissance palace of the Farnese period, next to the city, and particularly the Roman Sanctuary of the Madonna del Monte, renovated at the end of the fifteenth century, built on top of a hill with stunning views, close to the historical centre. This sacred place is also important because it is the hub of the traditional, and extraordinary Barabbata festival. Marta's economy, in the absence of industries, is based primarily on agriculture, fishing and the fish trade.


Marta's proximity to the regional capital of Viterbo, as well as Terni and Rome, makes it an ideal destination for visits throughout the year. The marina, located on the lakeshore at its only outlet, the River Marta, hosts many boats and is the starting point for excursions to the islands and water sports.


The beach, close to the town and maintained in its natural state, is partly shaded and never overly crowded. It offers full leisure activities for swimmers.


As for festivals, don't miss: 14th May - the Feast of Our Lady of the Mountain (or "Barabbata") Sunday after 14th May - Feast of the Lattarino Whitefish

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