Our cuisine

Fresh ingredients

Our cuisine is inspired by the traditional recipes of bygone days, with fresh and wholesome ingredients. The cuisine includes food from the land, but mainly from the sea and the nearby lake, highlighting the fresh ingredients to offer you unforgettable gastronomic moments.

Our ever-changing menu offers, among other things, a mix of antipasti, exquisite fish soup served in piping hot shells, and Otello-style fettuccine with clams, salmon and mushrooms.

Some of our specialities

Delicate spaghetti with shrimp, flavoured with citrus fruits, not to mention the wonderful grilled fish, and our crispy and tasty fried lake and saltwater fish.

Not to forget our Eels Cacciatora, or roasted in laurel; or our local Whitefish with potatoes.

Our restaurant also offers a gluten-free menu on request.

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Seafood Tasting Menu

  • Mussels Marinara or Seafood Salad
  • Penne with Salmon or Seafood Risotto
  • Fried Seafood or Squid skewers
  • Salad or chips


€ 30.00 excluding drinks



  • Salmon carpaccio with pineapple and pink peppercorns
  • Risotto with cream of scampi sauce
  • Fillet of Sea bass and potatoes


€ 30.00 excluding drinks



Lake Tasting Menu

  • Penne all'Isolana or Risotto with perch
  • Fried Lake Fish Platter, or Roasted Whitefish
  • Salad and chips
  • Tozzetti biscuits and Cannaiola wine

€25.00 excluding drinks




  • Atherina in balsamic vinegar
  • Fettuccine with chard pesto and perch
  • Fillets of perch with almonds
  • Mixed salad
  • "M'briache" (drunk) Peaches

€ 30.00 excluding drinks

e champagne

Prenotazione Obbligatoria

Ostriche e champagne, aperitivo ostriche e champagne, Viterbo, Lago di BOlsena, Viterbo

Per coloro che, ad alcuni abbinamenti, proprio non riescono a rinunciare, riusciremo a stupire il vostro palato con 12 ostriche freschissime accompagnate da BELLAVISTA FRANCIACORTA. La prenotazione è obbligatoria

e delizie

€ 8,00 a persona

Aperitivi, sfizi e delizie, aperitivi per eventi, Aperitivi Bolsena, lago di Bolsena, Viterbo

Non lasciatevi sfuggire il nostro aperitivo speciale composto da Bruschette Fantasia accompagnate dal gusto raffinato di un vino e/o prosecco selezionato da noi tra tante etichette presenti nella nostra raffinata cantina.

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