Castello Ruspoli in Vignanello

Castle in Vignanello

Ruspoli Castle is an example of Renaissance architecture: a medieval castle enriched with beautiful Italian gardens.

Villa Lante - Bagnaia

Villa lante

The Villa Lante in Bagnaia is a famous example of sixteenth century architecture, enriched by beautiful Italian gardens, sculptures and spectacular water features that flow down from the hill in graceful fountains.

Farnese Palace in Caprarola

Farnese Palace

The Farnese Palace in Caprarola is one of the best examples of the Mannerist period.

It was built for the Farnese family.

Monster Park - Bomarzo Forest

Monster Park

The Monster Park, or Sacred Forest, of Bomarzo, is a spectacular interpretation of mannerist gardens.



"The city that dies" On the Umbrian border, with a view of the Tiber Valley, Civita di Bagnoregio rests on a wedge-shaped tuff hill, 443 metres above sea level, sandwiched between the two deep ravines of the Rio Chiaro and Rio Torbido. Behind the town lies the huge valley carved by the "calanchi", clay ridges with a wavy, sometimes very thin, shape, constrained occasionally by daring walls and huge towers, like the solemn and dolomitic "Montione" and the so-called "Cathedral".



This is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Tuscia region (ancient southern Etruria) where you can enjoy the medieval walls of Tuscania, an artistic city in the province of Viterbo, surrounded by beautiful, unspoiled countryside, most of it a protected nature reserve.

Bagnaccio Spa baths Viterbo

Baths of Bagnaccio

The Bagnaccio is inside a private property, located in open countryside, between the road and the Martana and Castiglione roads.

The five baths of Bagnaccio play host every season to many swimmers and people taking advantage of the steam for insufflation.

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